POST #1 :-)

Finally, my blog and my first post! part of me is very excited and another part of me feels accomplished. It’s one of those things I have always wanted to do but I have never actually done. Why? I wish I could answer this question. Maybe coz I was in my comfort zone, my pen and paper give me comfort (old school I guess). I enjoy writing more than typing but I guess it’s time to overcome my comfort zone; let’s do this!

They say silence is the best option coz silence is never misquoted. But have they tried writing? There’s something it does to me. It inspires me, it sort of lightens my heart, I cant quite explain this emotion but I guess some of you understand. I’m looking forward to sharing, having another ‘home’ in this blog. Coz warm words create a beautiful home, sometimes bitter words too:-)

Lastly, I’m gonna try and describe myself briefly. I’m a young lady in love with Christ coz He gives me my identity and loves me in spite of me. I’m so enthusiastic about fashion, I happen to work with numbers and figures a lot. I enjoy writing as already mentioned above; I love my family and I love seeing people smile. The rest we shall discover with time.

Mwangi Wambui Jackiey Joanne.