Here’s to new beginnings is how this would start. But guess what, it’s not a beginning. It’s a new season. A season of new tidings. I believe that the only “new beginning” there is in life is when you’re born and when you’re born again. Being born again means that you believe that Christ exists and died for you, and you believe in Him. Yeah, just that! It’s simply believing. Once this happens there’s an instant transformation within you. I call it the Holy Ghost takeover. Immediately the spirit of God resides in you and just like that, you’re a new creation. The old is gone and the new has come. 1st Corinthians 5:17. Point is, if you’re looking for a new beginning, find Christ and you’ll find all things new’.

Back to my new season. I have been in a season of war and battle for about six months now. I have faced stiff opposition from people I assumed would stand up for me and guide me through some things. But guess what, that’s how I confirmed my destiny is great. When everyone seems to wanna stagnate your life, when everyone is screaming”STOP YOU CAN’T GO ANYWHERE” that’s when you know you’re destiny is great. And guess what, destiny can never be denied! So if you’re battling it out in life right now, don’t hang in there, keep pressing in God’s presence. Right in His precence. Don’t give up. God desires to be desired and when we pray and make declarations over our lives, we’re desiring and communing with God and He always comes through.

I feel like I have a clean slate. Again, it’s not a new beginning, just a new season. A season where everything good I stored up in me needs to be withdrawn. I’m away from Kenya which is home for me and never before in my life have I felt so in touch with God. Being away has made me so sensitive to His voice. What’s my point? Here it is-Every new area that God takes you is in a season on new breakthroughs and communion with Him in a new differenf level. Yes, physical relocation affects spiritual intimacy. So here’s the thing, let’s wear spiritual lenses on this one; try searching more every time God relocates you. Something the Holy Spirit has taught me as He did Moses, Joseph in the Bible etc. It’s not a new beginning, it’s a new season!


Ride through the season!

One comment

  1. Monica · November 4, 2015

    we’ve been learning about this this whole month!
    I’m so expectant 🙂
    I love this piece!


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