LORD LORD LORD, I love your name. I love who you are Lord. I love who you’ve always been. I lack perfect words to explain your effortless perfection. I stand amazed in your presence; constantly so. How beautiful is your name? How amazing are your thoughts? You Lord, you thought of me before I thought of myself, and you paid ALL my debts. Speaking of debts, I have no debts of sickness, disease or even poverty( if you’re a Christian, don’t struggle for what you already have.)

You are Lord above all. You are Lord in spite of and despite of. No, it’s not my life, it’s not even about to start being about me. We’re not partners to make decisions together, no, it’s about you Jesus. I’m subject to your will here on earth. Though I have dominion here on earth Lord, lemme not miss the point, it’s about you Jesus. I belong to you. I exist for you. I was created to praise my Jesus, the lover of my soul, my father. I do have feelings for you Lord, I love you, I do. The proof of my love to you is my obedience; and that’s why I say I’m ready to do your will. I’m here Lord.

You reign Lord. You are love, you’re NOT full of love, YOU ARE LOVE. Do with me as you please, scatter me all over for your name’s sake in small and big ways-let people know Jesus through me. It’s your will Lord, I submit. I decrease that you may increase. I say this often but a few days ago I thought about it and realized I need you Lord to decrease, I need you to enable me to surrender.

Without realizing it, sometimes I make it about me. I guess every man is flawed but this is my love letter for you. This is me singing a love song to you. This is me expressing my emotions coz it’s a public love affair. Thank you for freedom, thank you for love, thank you for salvation, thank you for understanding, thank you for the Holy spirit.

Inspired by: Terry Law

PS: I remember when I was a child, whenever I got scared I called onto my dad “daddy” and I knew I was safe. I was particularly scared of dogs that kept barking ( I still am, haha). Similarly, whenever we call unto our father in heaven, he’s always there to answer. he’s our daddy. He’s not too far, He’s always got your back.

Let’s take up this challenge today:

“He made us to function or act like Him.If you aren’t functioning like Him you are malfunctioning, and that’s not God’s dream for you. He has a great future planned out for you.”-Pst. Chris Oyakhilome.

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