Especially for new believers and the youth.

I was always different, different in different ways. Either too much or too composed (the latter is very unlikely:-D). Too loud or too soft. I just couldn’t fit it, no matter how hard I tried. Believe you me I tried, I tried really hard, all in vain. Like most people, a few years back, I had my ‘discovery stage’ but I don’t think I discovered so much; but I did discover this one thing in depth, I was different, I am different. Different isn’t perfect (though we have perfection in Christ), different is unusual, it’s peculiar, it’s unable to fit in, always standing out. It may sound so nice when I casually tell the story but believe you me some experiences are painful, hard, even traumatizing.

Well, guess what, different is a good thing. Different is an excellent thing, we were created to be different. 1st Peter 2:9 talks about peculiar people. I’m pretty sure that by the time Peter wrote this he’d had his fare share of ‘being different’. Remember he denied Jesus 3 times? Why? To fit in, to blend in, to be accepted by those who didn’t accept Christ. But the Holy Spirit taught him otherwise hence this verse.

This is just to inspire someone, especially if you’re a new believer, you’re gonna have to be different not because you’re faking it but because it’s in your DNA.I mean, Jesus bought you with His life, do you think that’s ordinary? Well, I believe not, He had to be dying for something special, something unique and DIFFERENT! Maintain the difference (if this makes sense), it doesn’t get easier but you’ll learn how to swim in this pool of difference and it’s not gonna be an issue anymore. Coz you know who you are, Christ has made you secure!

It’s this difference that calls others to Christ, that’s why it’s attacked so much. Think about it this way, “If your business competitor finds out that you have a different way of doing business that’s gonna kill his business, will he not do all he can to abort your new idea?” Well, guess what, the enemy is our competitor(because we are heavenly ambassadors) and he wants to take over. Sadly, his way of taking over is by killing, stealing and destroying. John 10:10. That’s why being different is a big deal, it’s preaching Jesus without having to  say a word, and speaking too. Being different is representing Christ in words and in character.

The young generation,we need to embrace the difference. And it starts with accepting Christ, then serving Him in all areas of your life. Having salvation is having life in abundance, it’s getting to the unlimited. Jesus loves us that much! He’s stored up the unlimited for us and He’s reaching out, all we need to do is say “yes, I receive.” Knowing Christ isn’t the end of fun or a good life, in fact, it’s the beginning. My walk with God has been sooooo joyous, I don’t even crave the world.  It’s enjoyable! I mean, God is the source of joy so you can imagine! And God provides, he doesn’t wanna see His children go hungry or beg for food so salvation isn’t poverty! It’s the very opposite, its abundance. But remember, God would rather have your soul than lose you to earthly riches.

We can drive fast, sing out loud, jump up high, work extra hard but with Christ at the centre

. Christ makes the difference. And he preserves your soul. A lukewarm life doesn’t sustain communion with the Holy Spirit. I know we don’t need to do anything to receive His love and salvation; but once we’re saved, we recognize His love,we love Him and guard our communion with the Holy Spirit by obedience. Obedience can never be lukewarm! We gotta be totally sold out guys, that’s the difference we’re talking about!

My point is, embrace the difference. In school, at work,in church or wherever. The difference is what calls out for Christ. Millions and millions of souls depend on your difference. THAT’S A BIG DEAL!

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