A special +1, different from all the other years. Strange in its bitterness ,sweet in its diversity, strain that produces character, little steps that build a staircase. That’s my plus one in a few words, my special year. This year is different, this is the year God has launched me to lay a foundation for what He has called me to do. Little steps….MY PLUS ONE.

Often times I admire different people for the greatness they portray in different fields- Martin Luther King, Kenneth Hagen, Bill Gates, you name them. However, I rarely ask myself what price they had to pay to accomplish major success in what they set out to do. Do we think about the cost? What is the price tag? The glittery product has surely been molded and worked on carefully.

I came to the US a while back having experienced a major breakthrough to be here. This was it for me, this was my promised land in that specific season and I knew I was in the right path. I knew God was preparing me for something bigger than myself and my family but I couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was. Nonetheless, I started out looking forward to having an outstanding year! Indeed, it has been outstanding.

I remember walking down the Tulsa airport telling God I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me. I had no idea what I was signing up for, I’m glad I did anyway. The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will even in the turbulent coz He is peace. He can be such peace, oh my….Long story short, I started Bible school, experiencing God’s promises in my life come to pass (God had spoken to my mum and told her I will undergo international mentorship) as I sit under all the big names in ministry and listen to God’s word. All this is great but it was accompanied by some painful processes.

Pruning…I felt like a piece of wood that  was being sanded. Culture shock, new way of life, new relationships and solitude. I found peace in solitude, where I could be me, talk to God and cry out at night coz only He understood the challenges. My point, it hasn’t been easy but it has been the most life changing year of my life.

I’m grateful I have a relationship with you Jesus coz we talk about stuff, I don’t go through anything alone, I talk and you talk back. Even when I yell you embrace me and talk back. I am glad I stepped out, faced these unspoken battles coz I am a different person now. I conquered continuously, I learnt to smile through winter and trust God only to realize He never fails. He comes through BIG TIME as long as we trust Him.


Don’t just dream, step out! Faith it till you make it, love more, dare to hear God some more, step into the untouched arenas. Start that book you have always wanted to, launch that ministry you have been so scared to coz as long as you are acting in obedience to Him, it’s not only gonna work out, it will blow up!

My plus one, more courage, more patience, more boldness, more resilience, more faith, more trust and ONE MORE YEAR. I am more than grateful for this birthday which marks a new level in me, deeper with self, writing the untold, scratching the untouched only to discover there can be no me without Jesus.

Thank you God for one more year!20140910_160015