I have been asking myself lately, what flag I’m I raising? What do people genuinely see when they see me? Raising the Jesus flag sounds pretty easy but it can be challenging. When life’s challenges are bashing at you left right and center, when you still have to deliver and act like everything is okay and still, raise the Jesus flag.

Its easy to get  drowned in these things. Get drowned in school, books, friends, trying to keep up with that’s trending right now, raising kids, marriage problems etc etc. Unfortunately, the result then becomes pretty obvious. We raise flags of disappointment, flags of sadness sometimes even flags of success. Success isn’t bad, but raising a success flag is something else all together.

What does a flag do? Its a sign of honor and respect. For instance: Kenya as a country does pretty well in agriculture. Can you imagine raising an agricultural flag in place of the Kenyan flag? Exactly, it doesn’t work! Sadly, this is how we operate in our lives even as Christians. We get so consumed in what’s going on and the result is: raising that flag. We have success ( in many different ways) but does that mean we should exalt success? No! We attribute it completely to Jesus, raise His flag coz really; it’s all about Him. Never about what we can do but what He already did. 2nd Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

Similarly, whenever we face challenges, let’s remember not to exalt them. Depression, confusion and despair don’t have authority. Let’s chose to focus on Jesus, laser focus on Him and speak life in the situation. That’s how you raise the Jesus flag. Focus on what He already did for you!

Casting crowns put it like this “Your life is not falling apart  it’s falling into place; just be held.” Let Jesus hold you. But to do this, we must choose to focus on Jesus, to Raise the Jesus flag and dim every other flag we have exalted before. It’s a choice that you and I need to make today.



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