We see the bright light, the starts in the dark night, the outstanding, the fame, the spotlight on stage. We see massive talent, we see brilliant minds, we see love and all its fruits. What we don’t see is the servant behind the light, one who declines the spot light yet pushes you further to it. We don’t get to see the one in the ‘cage’; crying on your behalf, giving up dreams and resources to see the light shine a little brighter on you. If she can add another glowing component, she will! She will cry it out, give it out, speak it out, write it out and sometimes be silent about it. The unsung hero, not because she is not acknowledged but because we can never aknowledge her enough. Enough for the continuous sacrifice that she truly enjoys indulging in.

Give up her time to teach you how to manage yours, give up her finances to invest in you because you are her greatest return, slow down in her career to ensure you get the best, give up time with her friends because to her, you are her best friend and she wants to spend time with you. Sacrifices every day! Some are untold.

My mother, Mrs Faith Mwangi; the mention of her name fills me up with joy and wells my eyes up with tears. Tears of love, you may say. I have watched her stay true all along, when things looked REALLY HARD AND DARK. I have watched her soldier on. I have seen her secure our future in her giving and her words. I have seen her cry but never give up. I have seen her believing in us, my entire family and what she believed is coming to pass.

My mother was my first evangelist. I first heard about the good news from her both in words and actions. I remember spending Saturday afternoons practicing  songs because my brother and I would sing  in church on Sunday and she wanted to make sure we had the right notes and moves. (haha) I have seen her give up jobs with very high compensation to be with us, to spend time with us and teach us everything she can. My mother, my super-hero! She taught me how to write, how to write essays and use appropriate expressions. ( Who knew I would write about her someday?) She has been our tutor( still tutors my sister), doctor, hygiene teacher, sister, friend, shoulder to cry on but most importantly, she has modelled Godly love.

I can boldly state that my entire family fell in love with Jesus because she prayed. Not for months, but for years. Years and years of trusting God and hoping yet not give up. I sit here and think of the fruit of  her words and faith and I cant help but break down because I have seen it all. My dad, brother, sister and even myself are a fruit of your faith. You had very many opportunities to believe that nothing would work but you spoke the word, you believed. When I didn’t listen, she went behind my back and sowed seeds over my life, spoke words over me and I am glad she did. Prayed over my very handsome loving father who is now saved and serving God; because of you mama. You told us about salvation, you have no idea how huge that is! You told us about Jesus. This is the greatest gift you can ever give!

This is to say, your account is full ma’. I am privileged to be your daughter not just because you gave birth to me but because you did everything possible to embrace that role! I know my siblings feel the same way mama. I just wanna let you know, your account is full, the deposit you have made is more than significant, the fruit we are seeing is because you cried, you prayed and gave when we had no idea you were doing it.

Thank you mummy. Thank you for being what I call a REAL MOTHER.

I love you, we love you.144