Luke 2:1-20

The story of the birth of Jesus:

As ordinary as it was, it was super natural! For Herod to send Mary , Joseph and the whole city to their home-town for cencus when she was pregnant? It was ordinary but super-natural. Jesus needed to be born in Bethlehem as prophesied by Isaiah.

How many natural/ordinary events in our lives do we take for granted? It’s ordinary but divine. Remember, the psalmist says He wrote out our story, every detail of your life. Nothing just happens. As long as you’re God’s child and someone is praying ,it’s never just ordinary. God moves in what appears to be ordinary  for His glory to be unveiled in your life.

It took the king to decide as he did; and thousands of people travelled back to other cities to be counted. But you know where the deal was, to get Mary to Bethlehem to give birth in a manger. God can move a whole city for his will in your life to be done. Ungodly leaders can make certain decisions that inconvenience a lot of people as seen above; all for you! Why? Romans 8:17 You are an heir of God, joint heir with Christ. You  and Jesus have this inheritance. So be still child of God, God is God. He will move heaven and earth for you.

Every Inn in Bethlehem was full. Every single one. For Joseph and Mary to make this decision they must have knocked on all possible doors. Have you been knocking every door in your life but for some reason there’s no space for you? Have you done everything that makes sense? I mean, it was only reasonable for Mary to sleep in an inn. Have you knocked on every ‘inn’? Have you applied to every job in your field? Have you tried every logical business idea? Well, sometimes God’s plan for you is in the ‘illogical.’

Eventually, Mary and Joseph had to sleep in a manger. I wonder if the owner of that manger had an idea of how much greatness he ushered into the manger. A MANGER. Where the cows and goats call home. That’s where the King of kings was born. This, my brain simply cannot fathom. However, this was God’s grand plan.

Trust God. Just go through the process. It may be completely illogical to be in a ‘manger’. An uncomfortable situation, job or stage of business. The humbling place; the manger. Remember, despite the odds, the king was born here. Could it be that you’re being prepared to birth a ‘king’? Strong faith, deep love, strong marriage, brilliant business ideas, strong family? To name but a few of the great things produced in the humbling place. Just as the world couldn’t live without THE KING, Jesus; you can’t live without some of these fruits of the manger-the humbling place.

Eventually, Joseph, Jesus and Mary went back to Nazareth. You will come out on the other side in due time. He makes things beautiful in its time. Just trust the process, trust Jesus.


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