A grateful heart.

Thankful for the things that have happened. The good, bad and better yet, the tough times. The times I felt like I could not keep going, the race was too unfair, too long and too hard. The times that my heart wept continually, when I was stretched to capacity.

Victory and light seemed to be far off, way past my path. In my corner, there was tearing apart, stretching, discomfort, questioning, skepticism and distress. But faith rose up in me like a roaring lion who is comfortable in his jungle despite the uncertainty of the species that occupy his land.

The stretch and discomfort wad the oven for breakthrough. I am grateful; very grateful for those times. I know it’s not the end of it because life is going on so Lord teach me to maintain an attitude of thanksgiving even in the storms. I am grateful for your joy , the laughter, friends and family.

Grateful for the sowing and harvest season. Grateful for what has been established in the spiritual realm but is yet to manifest in the physical realm. Among other things, I know thanksgiving pulls these blessings down so I will do exactly that.

Lord, I am grateful! Thank you for dying on the cross for me that I may live in freedom and preach your gospel, on your mission forever.

thank you


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