A letter to me, the young and naïve me, 6 years ago:
JJ, it’s okay to be different. I know different doesn’t feel good right now and I know you’re doing everything  to hide the difference. But God in His beauty and majesty created you as you are. He brought His perfect creative power in you meaning you couldn’t be any more perfect.
JJ, I need you to seek God. I know you know Him but I wish you’d spend more time with Him, in fellowship and communion with Him because everything you’re gonna do will be from him. Train yourself how to hear his voice so that your steps can be accurately from Him and for Him.
I know you desire to be loved. To be longed for because that’s every little girls dream. I wish I could tell you this journey will be perfect. Far from it, it will be confused and a thousand miles away from perfect. That guy that you’ll fall in love with, thinking he’s you’re everything, oh no. You’re not even close. And the other one who seems to pursue you relentlessly, the pursuit won’t last forever. I’m tempted to tell you to pause and retreat then I remember how every experience will make you so bold, brave and strong; though broken. So charge on. Though the flower petals may dry out, the stalk will remain strong. The experiences will fade but the stalk is the testimony. To every young girl who is broken and torn in pieces; that’s so beautiful. It’s a beautiful wound that’s soon to become a scar which builds and strengthens. It’s the evidence of a testimony.

One day, you’ll look back at the silly things you do and laugh. Laugh at how short sighted you were. Almost blind yet so pure and sincere.
Your Mr. will not be in the expected territory. Your mental has to shift, you need to start thinking in God’s elevation perspective. Right now, you sight is too limited because it’s YOURS. But if you lean on to God, you will see and experience love you have never known before.
Then I will bring your Mr. I will bring a kiss that feels like the first. And commitment shown by the ring which is nothing short of precious.
Just trust me. It’s okay to burn but do so with your eyes on me. I see you drowning sometimes but I’m more concerned about you not giving up. Keep going. In spite of, despite of…
It’s on the other side
The ring and the rose.




Isaiah 49:2 And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me, And made Me a polished shaft; In His quiver He has hidden Me.

A sword is a blade weapon that is able to cut or pierce in a sudden or abrupt way. It cuts through so precisely it hardly misses the target. That makes it very dangerous  yet very powerful. This is likened to my mouth as seen in scripture.

Words are very powerful weapons that bring life to God’s written word. The same words can slow down and be an obstruction of God’s plan here on earth. What words are we speaking? What pleases my tongue? It’s not simply a song but a sword that can yield results or break structures.


When you know you have a powerful weapon, you don’t waste the bullets. You aim right and pull the trigger. 1 shot hits the target and drives the price home. Similarly, words are not to be scattered but to be well thought out and planned for before being spoken; well executed.

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

In the shadow of His hand he has hidden me. A sword that has no owner is dangerous. However, one with an owner, hidden in the shadows of his hand can be used to achieve a lot almost effortlessly. It’s hidden in the shadow of his hand; right where he was pierced, in a very sentimental place for us to understand how much He values us. He doesn’t stop here, but clothes us in majesty. “polished shaft” as opposed to regular shaft. He takes time to put his craft on us then hides us in his quiver.

Let our words yield the ultimate results. Let us enjoy the care of my owner, our heavenly father and in doing so line up with His plan and purpose to be a powerful and explosive sword that not only hits its target but executes the task majestically while enjoying intimacy.


Dear Lord, teach me to speak your word over and over until it’s imprinted in my heart. Let the spoken word from you give life and healing to the world around me. Amen!