Genesis 4:13-14

Cain said to the Lord, my punishment is more than I can bear. “Behold, You have driven me this day from the face of the ground; and from Your face I will be hidden, and I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”…

I am  the Cain that falls short of God’s plan, sometimes moves in man’s wisdom instead of God’s wisdom. I am the Cain that sometimes gives God the good instead of the best forgetting that everything belongs to Him. I see Cain over and over. Cain in the little lie yesterday or the cover up today and the lack of faith tomorrow. Every time I fall short of what God has intended for me, I see Cain.


But look at His comeback. Look at his response to his punishment. The tone of the text suggests that he was saddened by the fact that he would be away from God’s presence. The sin was awful but the punishment was unfathomable to him. He may have realized that he made a huge mistake.

What’s most interesting is that he did not want to be away from God’s presence. He wanted to stay right in His bosom even with his brother’s blood in his hands. How many of us run to God after doing wrong?

I want to be a Cain especially in this area. I shouldn’t run from God in times of failure but run to God! That’s the Cain kind of victory.

Victory that says no matter what I did, no matter what I think of the pit that I may have put myself in, I will run to God’s presence. Not only will I find grace but I will be covered in so much love that the desire to sin will soon be a thing of the past. We want more Cains in the church. We want to crave God’s presence so much so that when we run away from it we can’t help but crawl right back in.

Yes, I want to be the Cain!

I want to have the kind of hands that crave for the Messiah because though they are bloody, they still belong to him.


The sin, the dullest, darkest, most hidden is won’t send Him away…

Only when drowned in darkness do you scream for the light.

Every time they hit Him, they thought that they were 1 second closer to His defeat.

Every snare and foul word propelled Him to the next level. To them, it was death; to Him was salvation.

All the pounds on that cross, weren’t as heavy as our sins. The weight was another form of suffering. However, it was another step into redemption.



The yelling, shouting, mistreatment. That was meant to be me. That was my weight, my poverty, my sin, my sickness, disease and lack of peace. Yet He went through this and much more. His motivation was my soul. They thought they were knocking Him out little did they know that they were starting His army.

He had a choice: To go to the cross and indulge in the pain or to give up. He chose the pain because He had the end in mind. He had me in mind. Salvation, redemption.

What manner of love and commitment!

Stepped down for Mary who’d committed adultery. He held her hand and took her weight off of her. The sin was an attraction to Him. Revealed the need for a savior.

Stepped down for Peter. When he started sinking on the water, Jesus held his hand and pulled him up. He went down to Peter’s level but He didn’t leave him there. He brought him to the Victory corner.

Went to the tomb for Lazarus. Where it was stinking, where death had pierced people’s hearts. Yet he walked in and shone a ray of life.

He is not too far from what looks like the darkest pit. As a matter of fact, he walks right into it to restore my soul; your soul.


Thank you father that you are never too far away. You’re always there when I call. Available in the depths of trouble and darkness. And I’m never too far gone. My loved ones are never too far gone. You’re able to get to them right where they’re at. Amen!