Isaiah 53:1

‘He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground.”

 A tender plant from the dry ground. Dry grounds produce thorny plants like cactus that have adaptations of living in the wilderness with minimal supply of water. What are the chances? How then can we have tender plants from the wilderness?

In the middle of a sun scorched land should be exhaustion but instead there’s blossoming. Why? Because that’s the standard that Christ set and as He is so are we in this world.


When it’s hot and dry

When the sun shines and there are no signs of the rain

When it’s hard and tough

When I am caught up in between two rocks

When my emotions are in a pit

When I really don’t feel like it

That’s when I thrive! Because it’s in my nature, it’s in my DNA. If Christ demonstrated it then it’s my reality!

Instead of wondering why it’s so tough, I should get my praise dance on and get ready for the tender plant from the dry ground!

Coz I am a new breed! Christ’s breed!



  1. Wangeci .J.Kagwe · August 30, 2018

    And then I realized that I was being selective on matters hearing from God.If this is not God speaking through you,then I’m clueless.
    Barikiwa Sana J.J.
    You are truly a blessing

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  2. Jackie Joanne · October 6, 2018



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