Fearless Woman

The kind that’s weak enough to cry

Wobbly enough to fall on God’s shoulders

Open to exposing her wounds

To the father and the world

Ready to reach down to find existing wounds

That haven’t become scars yet

Acknowledging that she’s got some shame

Putting her shame at His feet

Remembering the insecurities

Bringing back the tears

Wrecked and damaged

Hurt and broken

Covered and under

Stretched and torn


Fearless Woman

Life, Life, Life, Still alive!

Still can blossom

Can still walk above circumstances

Can take some scars

Because she’s allowed the wounds to be healed

Can talk about the shame

Coz she’s left it at Jesus’s feet

Can walk again, live again, breath again

Coz she’s carried by her father

Walking with a clean title

Because the wreck was cleaned out

Free from the pain because the hurt was wiped out by endless love

Restored and whole because her capacity was increased

Above only and never beneath!

Coz God’s holding her hand.


Fearless Woman.