The Cross Cuts Both Ways

The Cross

The cross is about connection

Connection vertically and horizontally

There is no existence without the perfect connection.

Connection to God who sent us His only son to save us

Connection to Jesus who was nailed to that cross for us

Connection to the Holy Spirit who either lives in us or is knocking on our hearts longing for the opportunity to find a home in us.

Then there’s the other part, connection horizontally…

Connection to the world

The saved and unsaved

Cultured and uncultured

Connection to mankind

That brings hope, peace and assurance

The warm hug that covers all men in spite of.

Connection that causes us to find the orphans, widows, servants and have a genuine moment with them

Connection that draws our hearts to kings and presidents

The cross cuts both ways – vertically and horizontally…

Loving, serving and giving ourselves to people

Yet surrendering and sipping God’s goodness at His feet

The cross cuts both ways.

That’s the beauty of the cross.