1 Kings 1:3

God was pleased with Solomon

Because he did not ask for wealth or a long life, he asked for wisdom

His requests were in line with God’s specific purpose for his life

He was called to be a King

He was appointed to rule over the nations

He was God’s choice and he allowed God to use him in that way

When He asked for wisdom, it was so he could accomplish God’s plan for his life

My guess is: Had he been in the army, he would have asked for insight and strength

Had he been a businessman, he would have asked God for business tips and great managing skills

What is my purpose and does my request match up to God’s purpose?

To be rightfully aligned is to desire what God has created me to do

Like Solomon, I pray that my eyes will be open

I pray that I will be rightfully aligned

So that my desires and requests will match up to God’s purpose for me

It could be strength, resilience, trading tips, mother instincts, problem solving skills, long suffering or wisdom

None is greater than the other

It is simply a question of being rightfully aligned.


Dear Lord, let me be rightfully aligned so that I can desire in line with your purpose for me. Let me be so aware and awakened to purpose that destructions of the world do not alter my vision or my heart.

Allow me, Lord to see what you see.

Allow me to hear what you hear.

Allow me to walk where you walk.

And let me desire to be where you are.

In line with your will and purpose for me.