The Reubens

Genesis 37

Not the Reuben sandwich but the Reubens

The ones who will stand between your enemies and last breath

The ones who will so subtly fight for you

The ones who will forward your name for the promotion

The ones who will slide the positive remarks in

They may not fight lions

Or walk between seas

But they care enough to be uncomfortable when you are

Reuben, one of Jacob’s sons was responsible for preserving Joseph’s life

When the swords were up

Armed and ready to kill

He calmed them down

So calmly and peacefully

He fought for his brother’s life

And planned on saving him from the well when the rest were gone

I am in a position to be a Reuben right now

At work, church, family etc

But I’m I utilizing it? I’m I taking action?

Do I fight for that one colleague that everyone seems to not like?

Do I stand for the cousin that doesn’t seem to fit in

Will I at least calm battles for the secluded while risking my reputation?

Or do I opt for the easy way out – Silence and blending in?

It’s time to rise up and be Reubens.

Risk to be uncomfortable.

Risk to be unliked.

Risk to be secluded from the group.

Risk it for another person.

After all, that person is God’s child.

So, it’s worth it in the end.


Dear Lord, give me boldness to speak up when it’s the most uncomfortable. Give me vision to see what you see. To see your grand picture. Give me strength to stand up and risk it all without counting it as a loss but as a blessing. I am here for a purpose and for such a time as this. I can stir up change!


  1. James Munuhe · February 26, 2022

    Thanks Joanne, I am inspired by the bold declaration of the three Hebrew boys based on their faith in God and your perspective on how you’ve integrated their Faith with real life challenges wed all go through.

    Keep Sharing!

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    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jackie Joanne · February 26, 2022

    Thank you James!


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