I’m a lady in love with books, business and numbers. I desire to continuously pursue God,  and constantly be in His bosom. That’s what this site is about! A place where we come together and actively search God, knowing His heartbeat, desiring intimacy and listening keenly. Join me as we discover new chapters of this journey-pursuing Jesus Christ.

I’m grateful God saved me. My wisdom, strength and works weren’t good enough to save me. Even in my brilliance, I was never in that place of surrender. Having been raised in a Christian home, I knew about Christ but had so many questions because of some unpleasant things that I saw. I defaulted to the world. I lost myself and let the crowd define me. I did what they all did and went where they said to. Uniqueness and individuality wasn’t in my mental vocabulary. My mind shut out what Christ said I was although deep down in my heart I still remembered. I’m grateful that Christ found me. He found me amidst sin, disobedience and shame. He found me and I wasn’t too dirty for Him. In fact, I was exactly what he needed for a fixing project. I’m still His project, He’s constantly fixing me although He fixed my heart forever. I found grace, peace, healing, identity and love in a name-Jesus Christ. I know what it’s like to be “far too gone” and I know what it’s like to be at the palm of His hands and I choose to stay close to Him forever.

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