Where love lives

Where laughter is natural

Where you can be you, and not afraid of being you

Where tears are an open door to embrace, not a sign of weakness

Where hugs are in plenty

Where positive remarks are part of breakfast

Where love sings to you. sometimes softly, sometimes loudly and sometimes smoothly depending on the rhythm of the day.

Where joy lives

Where happiness resides

Where pain is embraced for a better tomorrow

Where we do teamwork like we speak love.

Home is warmth, home is love.

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Geographically, I’m not always home yet my heart, my nerves, my being craves for home. However, my heart is always home. There’s warmth that doesn’t fade away, peace that freezes my worries and burns up love within me. This is only a scratch of what I particularly experienced last month when I was home. The overflow is in my heart, my laughter, my speech and my dreams.

God desires for us to feel the same way with Him. Where we can lay off all our worries because He’s got it  taken care of. 1 Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Even when the world beats you up, we have aa place to run to. An embrace that strengthens and comforts us; HOME….

Psalms 55:22 Cast your cares unto the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. Isaiah 41:13 For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.




It had to hurt that bad for me to value the  process and the lessons picked along the way. Negative words, arrows shot at me from people I least expected. Even what was thought as the close circle,  sometimes felt like walking on sharp nails. I had to keep going, I had to keep moving coz staying still meant more piercing, a bigger scar which then translated to a longer healing period.

It was not a battle against me; which is why I am not bitter at anyone who was involved, it was a battle against destiny. I know this because it was bigger than me, I couldn’t fight, I didn’t wanna keep running, I felt like I was in a marathon without an end. But I somehow kept going. I had strength every morning, unusual strength to do life and pour out in people’s lives-This, I couldn’t comprehend.

I had no room to be vulnerable, to be real or to make a mistake because it would have been costly. I am human so I made several of those and I remember wanting the piercing  nails back because the fire hurt more than the nails. Arrows that pierced my heart, words that crushed the very core of who I was, who I am.

I wondered, I searched-silently; And I fell in His arms, I fell in His heart. His love was so tangible, I found a tender  spot that I didn’t want to let go. It was sweet and intimate, I had occasions where I tangibly felt Jesus holding my hand(I mean it, I physically felt it)



My manuscripts are filled with tears. I see how challenging it was. I was burning up but it looked like I was cruising. My skin was stretched beyond me but somehow, I can’t explain how, my heart was oozing out love. There were times it was painful love but it was real, service from my heart.

I miss it. I miss the intimacy with the Holy Ghost. I see how He walked with me through it and I’m amazed. I wanna go back to that level of closeness.

I wouldn’t have valued it as much if it didn’t hurt so bad. It wouldn’t have been such a huge testimony if the opposition wasn’t as great. I wouldn’t have felt the relief  it didn’t burn.

This Easter, praise Him in the pain, seek Him in tough situations. Trust me, when it’s done, your bond with Jesus will go a notch higher. You’ll realize He was walking with you the whole time…Value the pain process!

A little door into my heart……


Ever look back in your life and wonder how you got through a certain phase? Or look ahead into something you are launching into and wonder how you will make it through? Sometimes this thought cripples us from taking the first step into the next season. My mind has been drowning deep in thoughts of different seasons. My conclusion -God  is faithful; In Summer, Spring, fall and winter.

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Sometimes it gets really  cold and we wonder where God is. Why isn’t He showing up? Why is it still so hard? But  before long, it starts warming up and we realize our faith has grown. Winter has trained us to speak God’s word when our hearts are freezing and things don’t look promising. It looks like nothing will ever change but it’s only a matter of time.

When it gets too hot, from one misery to another; let’s remember that God is faithful, God is constant. He doesn’t know how to forsake so He will NEVER forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. And God never goes out of His word, if He said it, it will never change, that’s just the way it is. Before too long, things will cool down, you will have fresh breeze in the atmosphere and realize that your skin has been made a little tough, resilience and a build up of faith. Faith actually grows through situations so we need these challenges in order to have testimonies. We always make it through not because of your strength but only because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. 2nd Corinthians 12:9.

I look back at some seasons in my life that were tough, that flipped me up and down and I had to be very flexible, all the time. (This was very hard for me because I like predictable situations.) At the same time, I had to be strong because I was going through this alone and though I shared with some important people, I was the one living the reality day after day. It was tough, but very necessary for my next season. See, your faithfulness in the previous season determines your success in the next one. Faithfulness is self-sacrifice, denial, resilience, perseverance and utmost  dependency on God.

When I look back, I see how vital it was for me to be formed and sanded in that season. I am still being formed, but from a different angle in this new season. So take heart, sanding never stops, learning is continuous and that’s why we can never sail through our comfort zones. It may look tough but it’s important to indulge in the lessons of the season. These are tools for the next phase.

Load up your toolbox through every phase in life. The tools always come in handy. But if you go through seasons and come out the same, you will battle the same way; and a broken part cannot be successfully fixed without tools. Remember, the seasons change but God is constant. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.




Blind to the odds and circumstances. Blind to the challenges, not giving room to fear. Going in and going deep. At the shore there’s doubt, self-reliance and particles of obstruction. Deep in the waters is deep release, it’s total dependence on a being greater than self- God. It’s FAITH.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. Evidence of things unseen. Substance is existing matter; a real physical matter that’s tangible. It’s the solid presence of things hoped for. Evidence is described as facts indicating a proposition is true. Faith is knowing the facts beyond any doubt. Believing is great; but better yet, knowing is mind blowing. Just because our physical eyes can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The spiritual realm is real, more real than the physical one and it takes faith to see it.


Hebrews 11:6 tells us that it’s impossible to please God without faith. Romans 14:23-Anything that’s not done in faith is sin. As someone once said, faith is the title deed to our property. We have to know it beyond any form of doubt. All of God’s promises are locked in and faith is the key. The most vital gift, the gift of salvation is accessed by simple faith. If He’s said it in His word, say it, believe it and know it! Mark 11:24-Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Your healing, family, job or business; find it in the word, His word. Say it and believe it and that settles it-it’s a done deal! It’s only a matter of time before it manifests in the physical realm.

A while back, as led by the Holy Spirit, I took a huge step of applying to a really major university. Something that looked impossible and a simple dream that remains to be just that, a dream. The history and reputation f this university gave me chills every time someone talked to me about it. Everything about it was high end-spiritual caliber, quality of education, intellectual excellence in the student body and with all this came a heavy financial obligation. In the natural eyes, joining the school was impossible.

The thought of lack, fear and such a big move bombarded my tiny mind. I had to dig deep. Deep into faith where there’s no room for fear. I remember saying to myself-if God said it, I will say it and believe it and I went on with it. Needless to say, this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am a current student growing intellectually, spiritually and socially as a result of being part of this dream. It’s a God dream but it took faith to dive into it.


A little history about Oral Roberts University-It was founded by Oral Roberts(one of the well known faith generals) in 1963 a an act of obedience. God told him to build a university that will train students on a faith basis and send them out to the world to make a difference and win souls in the kingdom; practicing excellence in every field. the genesis and birth of the school is in God’s heart.

This was big. It looked a little too big for me. I wondered how I was going to do this and it did not look possible. I was right, I couldn’t do it. I was looking in the wrong direction. It was God who made it possible. In spite of all limitations, all the odds, He made it work. I joined the school, started my classes and I simply cannot document the breath taking experience that it has been.


ORU’s Prayer tower

God made a way but I had to believe in Him. I had to go beyond believing and know that He will do it. Since then, I have watched Him do it over and over and He’s not about to stop. To say the least, school isn’t simple school for me, I’m living out God’s testimony in my life. I am amazed every day!


ORU’s praying hands

Look beyond your limitations, the lack and insufficiencies in whatever area in your life. Lynn on Jesus, that’s why you need Him. Say it, believe it, know it and watch things turn around because His word has to be fulfilled. Faith has to speak louder than the facts. Moreover, every act of faith pleases God. We might as well look at it as a way to make Jesus smile.

Faith it, ,make it.


Luke 2:1-20

The story of the birth of Jesus:

As ordinary as it was, it was super natural! For Herod to send Mary , Joseph and the whole city to their home-town for cencus when she was pregnant? It was ordinary but super-natural. Jesus needed to be born in Bethlehem as prophesied by Isaiah.

How many natural/ordinary events in our lives do we take for granted? It’s ordinary but divine. Remember, the psalmist says He wrote out our story, every detail of your life. Nothing just happens. As long as you’re God’s child and someone is praying ,it’s never just ordinary. God moves in what appears to be ordinary  for His glory to be unveiled in your life.

It took the king to decide as he did; and thousands of people travelled back to other cities to be counted. But you know where the deal was, to get Mary to Bethlehem to give birth in a manger. God can move a whole city for his will in your life to be done. Ungodly leaders can make certain decisions that inconvenience a lot of people as seen above; all for you! Why? Romans 8:17 You are an heir of God, joint heir with Christ. You  and Jesus have this inheritance. So be still child of God, God is God. He will move heaven and earth for you.

Every Inn in Bethlehem was full. Every single one. For Joseph and Mary to make this decision they must have knocked on all possible doors. Have you been knocking every door in your life but for some reason there’s no space for you? Have you done everything that makes sense? I mean, it was only reasonable for Mary to sleep in an inn. Have you knocked on every ‘inn’? Have you applied to every job in your field? Have you tried every logical business idea? Well, sometimes God’s plan for you is in the ‘illogical.’

Eventually, Mary and Joseph had to sleep in a manger. I wonder if the owner of that manger had an idea of how much greatness he ushered into the manger. A MANGER. Where the cows and goats call home. That’s where the King of kings was born. This, my brain simply cannot fathom. However, this was God’s grand plan.

Trust God. Just go through the process. It may be completely illogical to be in a ‘manger’. An uncomfortable situation, job or stage of business. The humbling place; the manger. Remember, despite the odds, the king was born here. Could it be that you’re being prepared to birth a ‘king’? Strong faith, deep love, strong marriage, brilliant business ideas, strong family? To name but a few of the great things produced in the humbling place. Just as the world couldn’t live without THE KING, Jesus; you can’t live without some of these fruits of the manger-the humbling place.

Eventually, Joseph, Jesus and Mary went back to Nazareth. You will come out on the other side in due time. He makes things beautiful in its time. Just trust the process, trust Jesus.


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Once again, it’s that beautiful time of the year. A time to give, share, laugh, smile and make lasting memories. A time to look back into the year and give thanks; for family, life, the irrevocable gifts given to us by God, education and the beautiful little things in life.
It’s a time to reflect and ponder upon God’s goodness.

He’s faithfulness had been tried and proven true over the years and the fact that you’re reading this is evidence. As we meditate, let us remember to give thanks for all this. Have an intimate session with Jesus and tell Him how grateful you are because He enjoys spending time with you. He looks forward to having conversations with you.
2017 is almost in the mailbox. Tagged along are dreams, ambitions, imaginations and renewed hope. As is the norm, we set targets to achieve in the new year and present them to Jesus. My challenge to us is to start thanking God for the unseen. By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. 2nd Peter 1:3. Everything we need and will ever need has already been given to us. That’s right, Jesus Christ ensured it was made available to us when He died on the cross. The plan, the ambition and the dream; as long as it’s in line with God’s plan for your life, has already been supplied.

We need to step into the spiritual realm to see the end result as opposed to seeing the obstacles or the beginning. We need to call these plans achieved, the goals accomplished and the dreams fulfilled. Rom 4:17 (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, [even] God, who quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as though they were. With this in mind, we give thanks for the goals yet to be accomplished naturally but already given to us (according to Peter) by faith. Give thanks for the unseen. For 2017 victories, for the new businesses, new families, degrees and greater things in ministry. Start speaking already because your words determine the outcome of your life.
• Resurrects any dead situation in life. When Jesus raised went to pray for Lazarus who was dead, He gave thanks to God for hearing Him. John 11:41-42. Give thanks in advance for any situation you need resurrected.
• Thanksgiving causes multiplication. Before Jesus fed the large crowd with 2 fish and 5 loaves, He gave thanks for the food. Instantly, the baskets were full-the food was more than enough. Activate multiplication in your life by giving thanks.
• Thanksgiving is a form of praise to God. In praising God, we exalt Him above every other creature and acknowledge His greatness. Let everything that has breath Praise God. Psalms 150:6.
Child of God, step into the victorious thanksgiving for the new year!



We see the bright light, the starts in the dark night, the outstanding, the fame, the spotlight on stage. We see massive talent, we see brilliant minds, we see love and all its fruits. What we don’t see is the servant behind the light, one who declines the spot light yet pushes you further to it. We don’t get to see the one in the ‘cage’; crying on your behalf, giving up dreams and resources to see the light shine a little brighter on you. If she can add another glowing component, she will! She will cry it out, give it out, speak it out, write it out and sometimes be silent about it. The unsung hero, not because she is not acknowledged but because we can never aknowledge her enough. Enough for the continuous sacrifice that she truly enjoys indulging in.

Give up her time to teach you how to manage yours, give up her finances to invest in you because you are her greatest return, slow down in her career to ensure you get the best, give up time with her friends because to her, you are her best friend and she wants to spend time with you. Sacrifices every day! Some are untold.

My mother, Mrs Faith Mwangi; the mention of her name fills me up with joy and wells my eyes up with tears. Tears of love, you may say. I have watched her stay true all along, when things looked REALLY HARD AND DARK. I have watched her soldier on. I have seen her secure our future in her giving and her words. I have seen her cry but never give up. I have seen her believing in us, my entire family and what she believed is coming to pass.

My mother was my first evangelist. I first heard about the good news from her both in words and actions. I remember spending Saturday afternoons practicing  songs because my brother and I would sing  in church on Sunday and she wanted to make sure we had the right notes and moves. (haha) I have seen her give up jobs with very high compensation to be with us, to spend time with us and teach us everything she can. My mother, my super-hero! She taught me how to write, how to write essays and use appropriate expressions. ( Who knew I would write about her someday?) She has been our tutor( still tutors my sister), doctor, hygiene teacher, sister, friend, shoulder to cry on but most importantly, she has modelled Godly love.

I can boldly state that my entire family fell in love with Jesus because she prayed. Not for months, but for years. Years and years of trusting God and hoping yet not give up. I sit here and think of the fruit of  her words and faith and I cant help but break down because I have seen it all. My dad, brother, sister and even myself are a fruit of your faith. You had very many opportunities to believe that nothing would work but you spoke the word, you believed. When I didn’t listen, she went behind my back and sowed seeds over my life, spoke words over me and I am glad she did. Prayed over my very handsome loving father who is now saved and serving God; because of you mama. You told us about salvation, you have no idea how huge that is! You told us about Jesus. This is the greatest gift you can ever give!

This is to say, your account is full ma’. I am privileged to be your daughter not just because you gave birth to me but because you did everything possible to embrace that role! I know my siblings feel the same way mama. I just wanna let you know, your account is full, the deposit you have made is more than significant, the fruit we are seeing is because you cried, you prayed and gave when we had no idea you were doing it.

Thank you mummy. Thank you for being what I call a REAL MOTHER.

I love you, we love you.144


If you have been reading through you know it’s been a different season in my life. I Have written about some of the new experiences, new challenges and life from a different perspective. This, however, is my year 1 put together.

The most transforming year of my life I must say. I remember thinking about living in a different place, pursuing my dreams and simply making life happen; almost like I had never lived before. It was both exciting and sad because I was gonna leave my entire family and friends back home. Never for a moment scary, I was looking forward to doing life in the US though I wished I could bring my family with me. I remember my cell group family praying for me and releasing me with the strong words in Joshua ” Be strong and courageous.”

It was an emotional moment. I wasn’t gonna be a few miles away but millions of miles away. The thought of not having my close ones by me was saddening but again, never scary. My conversations with God had changed, I remember asking Him what He had in store for me. What were we going to accomplish together? Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Until I landed and it hit me, Oh my! It’s just God and me. I don’t have the extra comfort and advice from friends and family. (I truly believe this separation is what you need to clearly hear God and step out in obedience) It was new, different, strange. I had to learn an accent that felt like a new language (even pronouncing my own name), a new system of life. I was not easy. Thank God for Jesus. He was all I had but I knew He was enough. I looked pretty bold on the outside but a little timid on the inside, coz everything you have ever known is challenged. Mindset challenge, relational challenges, cultural challenges ALL AT THE SAME TIME! There were days I would lie in my bed and wanna go back home. Then I remember my moving here was an act of obedience to Christ Jesus. I had to know God as my peace. Not partial peace but 100% peace. Thank God for Jesus, His still small voice.

Bible school has been the best thing I have ever experienced! I didn’t think it would be like this. What an experience! It has completely changed my life. Awakened my hunger and thirst for Jesus even more, ignited the fire in me to be salt and light in the world, to go out and make disciples. Taught me the word of God, such critical matters on the kingdom. I remember saying I will give this time to God as my  first fruit. I knew what I said but I didn’t realize the depth of this statement until later on during one of my conversations with Jesus. I had to be separated, I had to give him all of me. First fruit means 100%! I am glad I did because now I just want more. I will share a few things I learnt in this tough season of my life during which I was in Bible school:

  • God is love. How much He loves you is simply unfathomable. The understanding of His depth of love for us changes EVERYTHING.
  • John 10:5 My sheep know my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. The Holy Spirit has a voice. He speaks. As Christians we should operate based on what we hear Him say, not what we feel or think. All we need to do is listen, He speaks.
  • John 14:12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. Everything that Jesus ever did, as a child of God, you should be doing even greater. Making disciples, healing the sick and even raising the dead!
  • God has been pursuing you even when you were a sinner. He’s in constant pursuit of you. We respond to His passion for us, we don’t awaken His passion for us. He pursued Adam and Eve even in sin by asking them why they were hiding. He already knew, he was simply pursuing them.

Just a few nuggets.

With love.



I have been asking myself lately, what flag I’m I raising? What do people genuinely see when they see me? Raising the Jesus flag sounds pretty easy but it can be challenging. When life’s challenges are bashing at you left right and center, when you still have to deliver and act like everything is okay and still, raise the Jesus flag.

Its easy to get  drowned in these things. Get drowned in school, books, friends, trying to keep up with that’s trending right now, raising kids, marriage problems etc etc. Unfortunately, the result then becomes pretty obvious. We raise flags of disappointment, flags of sadness sometimes even flags of success. Success isn’t bad, but raising a success flag is something else all together.

What does a flag do? Its a sign of honor and respect. For instance: Kenya as a country does pretty well in agriculture. Can you imagine raising an agricultural flag in place of the Kenyan flag? Exactly, it doesn’t work! Sadly, this is how we operate in our lives even as Christians. We get so consumed in what’s going on and the result is: raising that flag. We have success ( in many different ways) but does that mean we should exalt success? No! We attribute it completely to Jesus, raise His flag coz really; it’s all about Him. Never about what we can do but what He already did. 2nd Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

Similarly, whenever we face challenges, let’s remember not to exalt them. Depression, confusion and despair don’t have authority. Let’s chose to focus on Jesus, laser focus on Him and speak life in the situation. That’s how you raise the Jesus flag. Focus on what He already did for you!

Casting crowns put it like this “Your life is not falling apart  it’s falling into place; just be held.” Let Jesus hold you. But to do this, we must choose to focus on Jesus, to Raise the Jesus flag and dim every other flag we have exalted before. It’s a choice that you and I need to make today.




A special +1, different from all the other years. Strange in its bitterness ,sweet in its diversity, strain that produces character, little steps that build a staircase. That’s my plus one in a few words, my special year. This year is different, this is the year God has launched me to lay a foundation for what He has called me to do. Little steps….MY PLUS ONE.

Often times I admire different people for the greatness they portray in different fields- Martin Luther King, Kenneth Hagen, Bill Gates, you name them. However, I rarely ask myself what price they had to pay to accomplish major success in what they set out to do. Do we think about the cost? What is the price tag? The glittery product has surely been molded and worked on carefully.

I came to the US a while back having experienced a major breakthrough to be here. This was it for me, this was my promised land in that specific season and I knew I was in the right path. I knew God was preparing me for something bigger than myself and my family but I couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was. Nonetheless, I started out looking forward to having an outstanding year! Indeed, it has been outstanding.

I remember walking down the Tulsa airport telling God I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me. I had no idea what I was signing up for, I’m glad I did anyway. The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will even in the turbulent coz He is peace. He can be such peace, oh my….Long story short, I started Bible school, experiencing God’s promises in my life come to pass (God had spoken to my mum and told her I will undergo international mentorship) as I sit under all the big names in ministry and listen to God’s word. All this is great but it was accompanied by some painful processes.

Pruning…I felt like a piece of wood that  was being sanded. Culture shock, new way of life, new relationships and solitude. I found peace in solitude, where I could be me, talk to God and cry out at night coz only He understood the challenges. My point, it hasn’t been easy but it has been the most life changing year of my life.

I’m grateful I have a relationship with you Jesus coz we talk about stuff, I don’t go through anything alone, I talk and you talk back. Even when I yell you embrace me and talk back. I am glad I stepped out, faced these unspoken battles coz I am a different person now. I conquered continuously, I learnt to smile through winter and trust God only to realize He never fails. He comes through BIG TIME as long as we trust Him.


Don’t just dream, step out! Faith it till you make it, love more, dare to hear God some more, step into the untouched arenas. Start that book you have always wanted to, launch that ministry you have been so scared to coz as long as you are acting in obedience to Him, it’s not only gonna work out, it will blow up!

My plus one, more courage, more patience, more boldness, more resilience, more faith, more trust and ONE MORE YEAR. I am more than grateful for this birthday which marks a new level in me, deeper with self, writing the untold, scratching the untouched only to discover there can be no me without Jesus.

Thank you God for one more year!20140910_160015