Fearless Woman

The kind that’s weak enough to cry

Wobbly enough to fall on God’s shoulders

Open to exposing her wounds

To the father and the world

Ready to reach down to find existing wounds

That haven’t become scars yet

Acknowledging that she’s got some shame

Putting her shame at His feet

Remembering the insecurities

Bringing back the tears

Wrecked and damaged

Hurt and broken

Covered and under

Stretched and torn


Fearless Woman

Life, Life, Life, Still alive!

Still can blossom

Can still walk above circumstances

Can take some scars

Because she’s allowed the wounds to be healed

Can talk about the shame

Coz she’s left it at Jesus’s feet

Can walk again, live again, breath again

Coz she’s carried by her father

Walking with a clean title

Because the wreck was cleaned out

Free from the pain because the hurt was wiped out by endless love

Restored and whole because her capacity was increased

Above only and never beneath!

Coz God’s holding her hand.


Fearless Woman.


  1. Vincent · December 9, 2018

    Hey. My name is Vincent and I consider my mum, Helene as a fearless woman.
    She was forced to leave campus during the 1994 Rwandese genocide but that didn’t mark the end of her studies. After she raised me and my 4 siblings she made a decision to go back to school and finish her degree, more than 12 years after leaving school.
    She didn’t care that all her classmates were young enough to be her children agemates and throughout this time she never stopped being our mum. She, together with my dad ensured that we were raised to be independent, self reliant, respectful, religious and well educated kids.
    Then came the 2007/2008 post-election violence which was another momentary inteference to her studies. At the time we were living in Eldoret and we saw the violence upclose. Despite all that she graduated campus in late 2009, that is a few months after she gave birth to my younger brother.
    We were super proud of her for finishing her studies but that wasn’t the end of it because; being 43, her elder kids going through high school, having a newborn in the house and financial constraints among many other conditions, she enrolled for her post graduate studies.
    I remember her telling us that she had to do it in order to show us that we can all achieve whatever we want regardless of our circumstances, good or bad and that everyone has there own timeline. She graduated with her masters degree at age 45 and I have never been prouder of anyone.
    I am in campus now and everytime the going gets tough I am always motivated by remembering that if my mum and dad all did succeed, I can too.
    I call my mum a fearless woman not because she is without fear but because she has accomplished much more than what society expected and because she has raised 7 children to be fearless men and women.

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    • Jackie Joanne · December 9, 2018

      Thank you so much for sharing this Vincent.
      That’s a fearless woman indeed!
      I have picked some lessons….


  2. Dodi Malemo · December 9, 2018

    Hello. My name is Dodi Malemo.
    First of all I consider most, if not all, women fearless in their own way. Because as a lady living in this era where there is so much expected of you, it takes the grace of God to stand.
    However, one lady who I consider more than fearless is my lovely mother Roselyn Malemo.
    There is so much I can say about her. I could write a book but I will try and summarise.
    Her beauty, to begin with, is enchanting. It’s that African beauty that is indisputable. I remember asking her severally why she hasn’t pierced her ears or why she doesn’t put on any make up and she would ask “What for?”. I admire the contentment she has in her natural, God-given beauty. In fact it is a glory upon her and not just beauty.
    One of the reasons I greatly respect and honour this lady is because she has single handedly raised me. She literally had to be both the father and mother. And as common as this is in today’s society, I’m persuaded that it is one of the hardest tasks ever.
    I was born prematurely in Kenyatta Hospital of which she had already been bed-ridden for over three months due to high blood pressure. But through it all she remained confident and strong that I would pull through. Being alone in such a situation must have been frustrating and both physically and emotionally draining. Still, she held on till I was grown and healthy enough to leave the incubator and eventually hospital.
    Throughout my life she has been a pillar of strength. I can’t count the number of times she has wiped my tears and got me smiling again. Or held me and gotten me back on my feet again. The many nights I woke up sick and she would say a prayer for me and reassure me till morning despite having to be at work in a few hours. I remember a song she would sing for me to stop crying. The song would say that young men don’t cry. It looks like a minor thing but that helped me be brave and strong.
    Through the years I have seen her work hard. We’ve moved from a bedsitter with a leaking roof to her presently being a landlady owning two houses in Nairobi and Kitale. From having limited fare to driving a fuel-guzzler now. All in all she has remained the same down to earth lady whose generosity I am still yet to understand.
    I remember being a young boy and leaving with my aunt because my mum had to finish her studies. Right now nothing can stop me from going to school because first of all, her example has been a guiding light and also my education is assured because of her hard work. I’m forever grateful for her.
    A great part of Mum that I admire is her love for God. Oh how I hated when she would wake up and force me to go to church. Something I am full of thanks for now. And for me presently to be born again I believe is as a result of some of her prayers. I’ve also seen God work tremendously in her life to the point where nothing can make me doubt His faithfulness.
    At the moment I am pursuing Music in Daystar University. I cannot emphasize enough how I am favoured to have her allow me to do this course. She has given me the chance to pursue what I love. And from stories I’ve heard before, many parents would be reluctant to have their kids pursue some courses. Especially those which aren’t the mainstream ‘great’ courses. Her support has been amazing.
    I could go ooooon and on about her but last but not least I am grateful for the fact that I’ve never felt like I’ve lacked anything despite not having my father around. She has made sure I feel complete. I respect and honour her for raising me to the man I am now. This to me is a description of a FEARLESS WOMAN.
    Thank you for the privilege to share my mother’s story with you.

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  3. Jackie Joanne · December 9, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing Dodi!
    That’s a beautiful story!


  4. Cindy Mwesh · December 9, 2018

    I nominate myself….the joy of the Lord has been my strength and I can explain how much I have seen God turn my mourning into dancing…..

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  5. Jackie Joanne · December 9, 2018

    Thank you Cindy!


  6. Alicia · December 10, 2018

    My name is Alice Mwangi and am 24 yrs old.I first of all wanna thank you for this blog because its so educative and so lifting
    I am a fearless Woman already haha.I have conquered so much in my 24 years of age but there is one who stands out for me,my mom.
    So we are 8 in our family and I am a last born .carrying all these kids wasn’t easy for her.
    It happened that our second born sister got a mentor disorder when she was just 12yrs doing her KCPE and has been in the situation for 27 years now,you can imagine the pain of a mother,She can’t do anything for herself mom has to do it for her not forgetting that there are others to take care of all the way my mom dropped her teaching career to take care of my sister and her being a born again Christian, made me grow in Faith.
    She could do her best to make sure my sister looks like other siblings,hate begun from the In-laws calling her names that she has bewitched her daughter but this woman never gave up on God ,she remained strong instead Dad was also their to support her but she worked so hard to make sure that we all grow successfully and not get affected by our sisters situation I personally got ulcers when I was in form 3 coz I would really feel my moms pain and hell she was going through at home I even quit boarding school and joined a near by day school to be around her and bare the pain with her which affected my studies even more. I actually did my form 4 exam after being admitted in Hospital.
    The results were not interesting at all and I couldn’t join the University as I always desired but God wasn’t over with me,so I got strong picked myself up and joined College begun from Diploma and now am joining University and am not giving up or looking back.If I dint have my mom in my life who would always and even to date always prays for me and supports me emotionally fully,I would have given up long time ago but I do celebrate her so much and all I would want for her is to live and see what God has in store for us her children.
    I also have conquered most of my fears so much I am a worship leader or else I can sing its a talent and everyone around me wonders why I never record my music or else keeps asking’ have you recorded your music?’ And sometimes I smile lacking words but I know that one day I will do it for the glory of God.
    The challenge I have encountered in my singing ministry is imagining how this dream will ever come true daily but because am a fearless woman,I will make it,I won’t quit.
    This is what my Hero who is my mom taught me,to never give up and so I celebrate her so much she’s adorable and a strong mother who never gives up no matter the storms.
    Thank you Jackie for giving us the platform to share
    May God keep using you more and more you are what our generation needs today.

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    • Jackie Joanne · December 26, 2018

      Alice could you please provide your contact information. Your phone number would be great, we’ll have one person in our team contact you.

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  7. Jackie Joanne · December 10, 2018

    Thank you for sharing this Alice! It’s a great story!

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  8. Jackie Joanne · December 31, 2018

    Your story was very inspiring. Your mum gets the shopping voucher to treat herself! Let’s figure out where and when you and her can pick up the shopping voucher. Either DM me on Facebook or email us on treasuresindepth@gmail.com with your contact information i.e your phone number. Blessings, happy new year 🎆

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  9. Alice Mwangi · January 4, 2019

    Thank you so much,
    I am glad to have touched someone with that story,
    I have as well been blessed by everyone’s post and indeed we have great fearless women around us.
    Let’s be proud of them always.
    Thank you Joanne for the platforms am grateful and inspired more.

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